How would you like to get a free Superstar membership as well as extra Stardollars on Stardoll?

Enjoy becoming a Superstar on Stardoll and being able to  sell items in StarBazaar, earn 90 Starcoins per day,  expand your suite to encompass 12 rooms (before you become Superstar you start with only 2 rooms, and becoming a Superstar unlocks an extra 10 rooms), have access to Superstar eyes and hair, buy gifts for friends, create parties, have 100 pages in photo album and 100 available sceneries, be able to own 3 Clubs, recycle more items and even earn Stardollars for that, play with Superstar Dressups, and unlock exclusive presentation features.

What are Stardollars?

Stardollars are the paid currency in Stardoll. They can be converted to the basic Starpoints currency and used to buy exclusive in game items such as Limited Edition (LE) clothes, Hot Buys (or Hot Hot Buys) clothes, certain furniture, rare items, etc. By getting free Stardoll gift cards, one can choose to receive free stardollars, free Superstar status, or free Superstar status as well as free stardollars by merely  providing opinions to various internet companies that value user feedback.

How does this all work?

Prizerebel (click to sign-up) is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that awards users with any prize of their choice (in this case, a Wizard101 Membership) for completing menial tasks that serve to provide opinions for different companies featured on Prizerebel.

For example:

  •  A company (Big Point) wants more gamers on their newest game.
  •  That company contacts various GPT's (Prizerebel) to attract attention from potential gamers.
  •  Prizerebel gives members the task of completing an offer for the company (Big Point)
  •  Upon completion, Big Point will pay Prizerebel a certain amount of money
  •  Prizerebel will then give you most of that money because you completed the offer

Why should you sign-up?

Prizerebel is probably the easiest way to get free Stardoll gift card codes codes legally since Prizerebel purchases all the prizes that are awarded to members. Below is a picture of my current earnings and a short list of the prizes that I have gotten from Prizerebel. If you're still skeptical, click here to see a complete list of prizes that I have gotten so far in addition to testimonials from other users.